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Matriarch Cheese Box

Included is:

Milleens - squidgy washed rind cheese, kind of smokey bacon flavours. Started by Veronica Steele.

Durrus Og - soft, bouncy, creamy. Another washed rind gem from Cork. Jeffa Gill is to thank for this one.

Kylemore -  a newer cheese in Irish cheesemaking. This smooth, mature cheese is crystal-like in parts and yet super creamy, made by Teresa Roche.

St Tola Ash Crottin - The fluffy, tangy, goats cheese - loved by all. (well, nearly all unless you hate goats cheese in which case you won't like it) Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith

Apple Jelly- Made outside Ballygowan by Karen Bell, these are great with all cheese, and worth a try!

A loaf of Bara Bakehouse Sourdough