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MFC 'Blue Megamix' Mix-Up

Blue cheese. People either love it or hate it.

Except Young Buck, everyone loves Young Buck, right?

This box is for you if Blue Cheese is the first and last thing on your mind. (had to include a Blue lyric of course...) 

Six heavy hitters from our cheese counter (est. 100g each), plus a chunk of Apple Jelly, made locally, to sweeten it up, and a box of Sheridan's crackers.

Also featuring the exclusive Baby Buck- the unpierced, younger version of Young Buck, super crumbly and sharp like a Wensleydale. We only have it in store for a short time. 

 So, we have...

Young Buck - a blue cheese for people who don't like blue cheese.

Baby Buck - the younger version of YB, tangy, crumbly and not around for long.

Cooldaniel - the spicy raw cows milk blue from Blues Creamery, Tipperary.

Coolpaddy - the stronger brother of cooldaniel, a goats milk blue; tangy and sharp.

Coolmary - the sweet but still spicy blue sheeps milk from Blues Creamery

Cooorange - similar to the Cooldaniel but with added annatto for extra sweetness.

CoolDolce- a gorgonzola style cheese (also Blues Creamery), bitter and sharp.

Boyne Valley Blue- a creamy but tangy goats milk blue from Co.Meath


If you're feeling brave, pair these with some creamy and rich stouts.