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MFC Weekly Toastie Supplies

We think we have all the ingredients it takes to make a pretty good toasted cheese sandwich, which is why we have decided to bring you a weekly box full of everything you need.

All you need is good bread, good butter and great cheese. Each week the cheese, chutney and meat will change so keep an eye out below for what is on for that week.

Orders placed until 30th January, you will get:

A fresh loaf of Bara Bakehouse Sourdough
A roll of Abernethy Butter
A jar of Shorthorn Onion, Pear and Fennel Marmalade

An Ispini Fennel Salami
2 cheeses: Coolorange and Coolea - one for the stretch and creaminess, the other brings a sweet but tangy sharpness.

Usually £25, but order online for collection or local delivery for only £20.

Available online only, for collection or local delivery.