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Baron Bigod

Made with: Raw Cows Milk
Rennet: Traditional 

Baron Bigod is a Brie de Meaux style cheese made by Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore from their Montbéliarde cows in Bungay, Suffolk. It's got a crazy mushroom flavour going on, even when young the texture is like a brownie and then as it ages and breaks down it becomes super velvety! 

Everyone always asks us about the name and Jonny told us the following;

'Rodger Bigod was the first Earl of Norfolk. He arrived from France with William the Conqueror (Not that one!) in 1066 and signed the Manga Carta. His family built Bungay castle and the cows today graze the castle ruins. His son Hugh Bigod was a bit of a rascal, always rebelling and trying to capture nearby castles, as you do. This pissed King Henry off so much that he stripped him off his title and sent him to fight in Syria where he died! And finally for a bit of serendipity he was a direct descendant of Emperor Charlemange, who was said to have discovered french Brie.