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MFC 'Breakfast in Bed' Box

Well, you may not get breakfast in bed. But definitely breakfast!
This weeks offering is good for making up some tasty morning food, something cheesemakers can't go without before an early start making cheese.

Included is:

Bara Bakehouse Sourdough
Toons Bridge Buffalo Halloumi (min 150g)
Fen Farm Bungay Raw Butter
Clandeboye Greek Style Yoghurt
Springmount Farm Raw Honey
Springmount Farm Free Range Eggs

Fry up some Buffalo Milk Halloumi with some veg on toast, pick some blackberries and have with Clandeboye Greek Yoghurt and Raw honey from Springmount Farm, or even just boil an egg and eat that! Whatever way you wanna use it, this box is pretty versatile. 
Again, usually £25 all in, but £20 for a short time only, including delivery if you are within reach!