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MFC 'Store Cupboard supplies' Box

The box this week is jars, jars and more jars. 

Stuff that you can keep in your pantry/fridge for a rainy day. Oh and a fresh sourdough loaf! That you can also freeze if you wish!

Included is:

A jar of St Tola Feta Goats cheese in chilli oil.

A fresh loaf of Bara Bakehouse Sourdough

A jar of Amberline Italian Style Sauce 300g

Two different Amberline Krauts/Kimchi. (Will be a lucky dip) 300g each

A jar of Amberline pesto/dip 190g (again a lucky dip!)


This is a lucky dip so the photo may not be what you'll exactly get.

Order online for collection or local delivery!