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Cheese Hamper (New)

A selection of the finest new cheeses being made in Ireland.

In this you will get:

Sheridans Brown Bread Crackers 140g
Jar of Irish black butter 225g
CoolDolce 200g - A raw milk gorgonzola style cheese made by Blues Creamery, Tipperary.
Carraignamuc 190g - A 2 month old natural rind cheese from Lost Valley Dairy, Cork.
Kells Bay 210g - Two year aged parmesan style cheese made by Brian Lynch on ring of Kerry, using milk from native Kerry cows.
Ballylisk Single Brie 110g- Single cream brie style cheese made by the Wright Family in Portadown.
Screen printed MFC tote bag (designed by Tony Moore)

Substitutes may occur if cheese is unavailable.

You can also add-on a packet of Ispini Charcuterie or extra Brown Bread Crackers.