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MFC 'Continental Breakfast' Box

Seeing as you probably couldn't get away somewhere for it, we're bringing the continental breakfast to you!

Included is a half a dozen Free Range eggs from Springmount Farm, a Bara Bakehouse Sourdough, a chunk of St Brigid (160g) raw cows milk cheese, a wedge of raw cows milk Emerald(160g), a roll of Abernethy Dulse Butter, a jar of St Tola feta goats cheese and a pack of Ispini Charcuterie.

Thinly slice the St Brigid and serve layered onto eggs on toast, serve up some salami on bread with the feta smashed on top or even just munch the cheese and enjoy that for your breakfast! Whatever way you want to do it, we don't mind.

Get that European experience without having to go anywhere except online to buy one of these! (and also maybe the shop to grab some good coffee and a newspaper!)